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Ijen Crater-the Blue Flame

Ijen crater is a magnificent volcanic landscape with a beautiful view. 

Ijen crater the most beautiful volcano in Banyuwangi East Java because of the Blue Flame and the lake and also the sunrise. Observe the hard life of sulphur miners carrying sulphur rocks from deep down in the crater floor. They carry about 80 – 100 kg of sulphur rocks up to the crater rim and walk down about 3 km to the foot of the hill. the journey quite challenging. so make sure you have fit conditions.  

How to get there?

  • drive from Red Island to (Paltuding) parking area 2 hours.
  • Start to walk with our guide from (paltuding) parking area, if fast take 1 hour and 20 minutes if you slow will take 2 hours or 1 hour 45 minutes.
  • the walk 3 kilometers up, 2 kilometers flat 700 meters down to the crater and see the blue flame.
  •  you can also see Sunrise in Ijen by walk from crater 1.5 kilometers up, but we, not guaranty 100% you will see the sunrise is because of mother nature, some time is because of Claudy,
  • Breakfast, after the journey to the Ijen crater you will get breakfast in a small restaurant in the parking area to enjoy tea or coffee.
  • Drop off, you can also request drop off in Banyuwangi-ketapang ferry port or Bali.

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