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G-land Tiger Track Surf Trip

Tiger Track is Very Suitable for Beginner & Intermediate

Make your way to G-land Tiger track surf trip with Us, Tiger Track is very suitable for Beginner & Intermediate also advance, right and left-hand breaking, easy to paddle out, mellows waves with 50 to 70 meters long with best swell 2-4 feet or 3-6 feet will be challenging, but when is low tide we have to be careful is because the reef, so on this trip we will choose from low to high, is better and fun surf high tide on Tiger Track.

How to get there?

  • Drive from Red Island to G-land 2 hours.
  • Entering the national park of purwo and change the car with 4×4.
  • From the parking area to G-land Tiger Track 10 minutes.


  • Reef Break